Athens Music News Roundup

Wowzers. I’m beat. Sorry for that unplanned vacation day yesterday but mergh Athfest rocked. So while I get all our stuff together for a full weekend roundup, here’s some local news and stuffs from the non-Athfest arena.

R.E.M. is currently in Berlin, working on the next album according to roving correspondent Bertis Downs. Maybe U2 left some Achtung, Baby mojo in the city. In other happy news, “Radio Free Europe” was added to the Library of Congress archives. Also of note in the REMHQ sidebar, a link to Favorite Son, a film featuring music from Mike Mills.

Also, ever wonder what might happen if R.E.M. were covered on GLEE? Wonder no more….

Dead Confederate, who had an adorable couple selling their merch on Saturday if I do say so myself, will release their second album Sugar on August 24th. If the live show is any indication, it’s gonna be a wild one

Tasty World closed its doors this weekend. Let me just say that for whatever problems it had, it was a great place for bands to get a start. Nearly anyone could get a gig at some point there (including yours truly) and that launching pad will be sorely missed.

Anyone else go to Kurt Wood‘s front porch vinyl extravaganza?

One of the first movies I ever saw at Cine was Major Organ and the Adding Machine. Imagine my surprise then when I found out that the Elephant 6 flick will be out on DVD in September. It’s weird, honestly, but for fans of the collective, it’s certainly worth a look.

And finally, a cameo ridden great look at what it’s like to take the Athens Music History self-guided tour. Pretty funny stuff.

Flagpole Athens Music Awards Digi-short (June 2010) from TJ Young on Vimeo.

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