Well guys, it’s summertime and while the living is easy, the news game tends to get a bit more rough. Not to mention I’ve landed a sweet gig that keeps me working during the day. So in true AMJ tradition, we’re moving to Monday-Wednesday-Friday updates starting tomorrow.

We’ll soon be changing up the layout of AMJ as well: new banner, new buttons, easier search functions, jump links in posts, profile pages for artists and venues…. It’s a lot of stuff and a lot of work but hopefully, it’ll make everything a little bit better for all of us.

Also, we’re looking to take on a few freelance writers while our lovely staff take their vacations. We like to hear from ya on various things so if you’ve got an idea, email us at 

And, in really good news, WE GOT OUR YOUTUBE ACCOUNT BACK! So pop on over there and check out what goes on at Athens shows. We’ll be uploading more throughout the summer so keep checking back.

Remember our giveaways? There will be one coming up extraordinarily soon, so keep an eye on our Facebook fanpage and twitter accounts (links in the sidebar!) for hints as to what to do…

Anyways, see ya soon and keep on listening!


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