Weekly Show Picks

With Athfest now over, the 4th coming up, and Popfest still a ways away, we’re slipping into that weird time in Athens when most of the bands are on tour and good shows are seemingly few and far between. But if you know where to look, you’ll find that we’ve still got a lot going on. So check it out!

40 Watt
Athens (the band)
Go Bar
We Landed on the Moon
Los Meesfits
Betsy Franck and the Bare-knuckle Band
Paul and the Mountain Saints
Starlite Devilles

Pride Parade
Shotgun Lover
Little Kings
Grape Soda
Hot New Mexicans
Shitty Darkness
Melting Point
Classic City 4th of July American Music Festival
Curley Maple
High Strung String Band
The Knockouts
Lera Lynn & Her Lady Friends
Packway Handle Band
String Theory
Whiskey Gentry
Shannon Whitworth


The Shelter (ATL)

Witness the Apotheosis
The Dark Clan
Spider Lillies
Little Kings
The Peter Pancakes
Tumbleweed Stampede Lite


Go Bar

The Fuzzlers
Terrapin Beer Co.
Vernaculus Duet
Hotel Indigo
Kenosha Kid
DePalma’s Italian Cafe
The Brother’s Marler

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