Business Is Business: Numerous and reliable sources report (and by the time this hits the streets after the holiday weekend, it may have been officially announced) that Bruce Burch, Keith Perissi and Heather Malcom—the director and top staff of UGA’s Music Business Certificate Program—are leaving the university to begin a similar program at Kennesaw State University. A Kennesaw State press release last Monday announced the launching of that university’s “Entertainment and Music Management Certificate Program” through a “significant and undisclosed contribution” from Atlanta entertainment lawyer Joel A. Katz, whose gigantic firm lists among its clients “Michael Jackson/the estate of Michael Jackson.” Damn! Word is, the Terry College will continue the program; let’s hope they see fit to do it in such a way as to avoid losing Burch and Co.’s replacements to a neighboring school half our size.

I’ve asked Bruce and Keith for an official comment but they’ve declined “until Terry College names a successor if we make any at all.”

Considering the headway that the UGA MBUS program made during Bruce’s stint at the wheel, it’s safe to say that Kennesaw State will be getting one hell of a team. I’ve never known anyone with as much sheer energy as Bruce, so there ya go. Not to mention the resources the team brought to the table and the fact that they all actually gave a damn.

My personal feelings are pretty conflicted, considering my heavy involvement in the program during my time at UGA. I got to do some incredible things, like introducing Widespread Panic’s JB on the first day of classes, learn ProTools from John Keane, work on behalf of Randall Bramblett, and even interview the family of Otis Redding onstage. 

On one hand, I wish them all the best and I’m glad they’re off on new adventures. On the other, I wish they were sticking around. The exact reasons for their departure are not currently available but when they are, you’ll find them here. Anytime a new program gets started, there’s sure to be some growing pains…

I’m pretty sure that the UGA MBUS Program will continue on, at least for this semester. What happens after that is anyone’s guess. I think my good buddy Zak has put it best:

“I’m going to miss them. They helped propel me into an arena that I adore; I may never have known how to break into the business if not for their guidance, and UGA is going to be lacking with them gone.”

Best of luck to the team. We’ll keep you updated as things progress.

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  1. Thank you for your kind comments Jordan. The MBUS students have always been the thing that made the MBUS program so great (and you were one of the best!). I know that the students involved in the program in the future will continue to keep the programs standards high and will accomplish great things in the music and entertainment industry.

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