Weekly Show Picks

YAY WEEKEND! Oh, by the way, since R.E.M.’s got a release coming out on Tuesday, our buddies over at Cine are showing ROCKPALAST! Wowzers… Here’s the details and the picks of the week!

R.E.M. Live on Rockpalast 1985 

In Celebration of the 25th Anniversary Release of Fables of the Reconstruction 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010 

Cine (234 W. Hancock Avenue) 

7:30 p.m. / 9:30 p.m. 

40 Watt Club
The Caribbean
Venice is Sinking (cd release show!)

Last Call
The District Attorneys
Misfortune 500

Little Kings
Shalini Chatterjee

New Earth

40 Watt Club
Whatever It Takes Benefit
The Heap
Second Suns
Grape Soda

Bishop Park
Mike Eudy
John Keane and Nathan Sheppard

Caledonia Lounge
A Postwar Drama
Hans Darkbolt
Nuclear Spring
Dusty Lightswitch

Raw Ass Temple

The Melting Point
Curley Maple
Ed Kellough
The Welfare Liners

Go Bar
Nuclear Power Pants

State Botanical Garden
Winfield Smith

Hope for Agoldensummer
Maria Taylor and Andy LeMaster
Nate Nelson

Melting Point
The Normaltown Flyers

Melting Point
Beatles for Sale

Hotel Indigo
Marty Winkler

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