Athens Music News Roundup

(The Truckers make good cartoon characters, don’t they?)

First off, happy birthday to the man among men, the beer-tasting, music-talking, tall tale telling ORT! Go out and have a drink in his honor. Or buy an obscure record. Whichever floats your boat.

Nuci’s Space has a slick new website. Check it out when you get a sec.

Girls Rock Athens starts this week. It’s a fantastic program aimed at getting guitars in the hands of girls for a week or so and letting them rock the frak out. Last I heard, they’re still looking for a few extra hands and a bit of equipment, so get on that if you’ve got either.

You know, I’ve often wanted to hold a concert on my birthday but I guess now I won’t have to. Azure Ray will be playing the 40 Watt on my special day! Pretty awesome birthday gift if you ask me.

Everybody Everybody is reuniting and playing a show on Thursday. Happiness! Details and more via Threats and Promises.

Our buddies at Team Clermont are celebrating 13 years of indie radio awesome. Woot!

Just a reminder. *ahem* POPFESTPOPFESTPOPFESTPOPFESTPOPFEST! Coming soon. 

So, we’ve connected to this blog in our sidebar linky thing but I figured we should mention it on site as well. I present to you I kid you not. It’s actually an incredibly well done site, complete with pictures, videos, and interviews from said bassist and the other members of R.E.M.  There’s a ton of in-depth info here and a few rare bits and pieces that’ll have even the most dedicated R.E.M. junkie fascinated. We’re quite flattered to be included on the site.

And please, guys, be careful out there. It’s in the low 100’s temperature wise. 

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