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Athens Music News Roundup

Woah. Is it just me or is it getting a little cooler outside? Man, the summer went by fast. Supercluster has a cool new logo that you can now sport in both t-shirt form and button form. Wavey goodness! R.E.M.‘s crowd has been busy during the off-season. Buck and Scott McCaughey‘s new project, Tired Pony, has been […]

New Addiction: The Humms

The Humms are one of the many bands that have passed through the Flagpole office on their way to my iPod. Very few make it back into my personal rotation but the Humms are just too damn catchy to ignore. Take a pint of psychedelic guitar, beach rhythm keys and drums, and fuzzed out vocals […]

Debate: Who Will Open The Georgia Theatre?

I’ll have to thank the Georgia Theatre twitter feed for this topic. On Tuesday, the feed ran a simple, but profound question: Who should be the first band to play when we re-open?Wowzers. Who indeed? I was curious what bands our readers might suggest so I took it to our Facebook Fanpage. While many suggested […]

Weekly Show Picks

Huh. With the Georgia Theatre out of commission and Tasty World gone, it seems like a lot of local places are picking up the slack. I don’t think I’ve ever recommended going to some of these places for music before. Just goes to show how time changes everything. TONIGHT Little Kings The Border Lions The […]

We Have A Winner…

Congrats to Chris Rasmussen for guessing Jojo’s real name and sending in his answer first! The guy wins a plus one to the Modern Skirts show on Friday. Many thanks to everyone who entered. So in honor of Mr. Joesph and his Skirty band, here’s two of my favorite keyboard wielding artists. Keyboard Cat and […]

Contest: Win Tickets to the Modern Skirts This Friday!

Been way too long since I’ve held a contest so here goes! Be the first to send the right answer to with the subject line “Modern Skirts” and you’ll get those tickets. Here’s the question…. Everyone loves Jojo. But few fans know his actual name. What is it? Tell us and you’ll be seeing Jojo and […]

A little random musing…

City lights/shine so bright/all over this town….From my vantage point at my current location, I can see most of Athens. In the distance is the airport with all its landings and takeoffs and whatnot. Over there, no, over there a ways is Nuci’s. And I figure that big thing right there is Sanford Stadium. Sure, […]

Where’s Waldo? And Michael. And Jojo…

One of the great parts of the Athens music scene is how connected all these seemingly different bands are. For proof, look no further than their music videos. With all this local talent at your disposal, why not grab some friends and put ’em in your video, right? We’ll start off with of Montreal’s new […]

Weekly Show Picks

TONIGHT 40 Watt 3 Foot Swagger Lona (Last Show Ever?!) Caledonia Marriage Night of the Wolf Rat Babies FRIDAY New Earth Music Hall Cypress Lingo Nuci’s Space Bloodkin Five Eight Rye Bar Capsule Corp SATURDAY 40 Watt Packway Handle Band Whisky Gentry Caledonia Bigmouth The Gold Party Max Canada The Bohannons DJ Z-Dog Dead Confederate […]

Until I Can Find My Pick Schedule…

…you can check out this really cool video sent to us by Paul Butchart.