Show Preview: Matt Daniel of Leading Edge

Leading Edge has been a favorite of the blog staff ever since we heard their reggae inspired cover of “Let It Be.” Unfotunately, sometimes band members just have to move on. Such is the case with the guys in Leading Edge. But I think it’ll be a long time before any of them give up making music. We had a chat with lead singer Matt Daniel who is playing a solo show at the Melting Point tonight.

So what are you planning on playing this go round? Leading Edge stuff, originals, covers?
More like 60/40 (originals and covers)
Doing the piano thing or guitar thing or both?
If I can play the instrument, I will be using it onstage.
NICE. So the trumpet too perhaps?
Eh, probably not, mainly because when you play the trumpet, you can only play the trumpet. Hard to multitask.
So tell me a bit about the bands you’re playing with at the Point.
Well, I know Laura Beth Wrenn from school. She was in the Atmospheric Science program at one point, so I got to know her a little bit. I knew she had her own music, but I never really thought about sharing the stage with her. She has a really great voice. very clear, very innocent sounding.
42 is a band that is led by Miles Benson. He’s a good friend of mine that is actually in my fraternity (Phi Mu Alpha). I knew he had a band and was really wanting to play in Athens. I’ve heard him perform some of his songs while he was over at my house, and he kinda has a Dave Matthews/Jack Johnson sound to him. He really gets into the music. His band is called 42, and I’m looking forward to hearing their debut in Athens
What are your plans now that Leading Edge is out of commission?
I plan on writing more music on my own. I really want to step outside of my boundaries and do something completely different than Leading Edge. A few of my new songs I am debuting are more folk orientated, but I am definitely going towards pop. At the moment, I am just playing it by ear. 
I have no intentions on forming another band or completely going the music route.I do want to produce and record my music. If it’s really good, then I might just release something but my main focus is to get a good job, and find a place for myself.

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