Athens Music News Roundup

Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes! POPFEST begins this week! Despite the name, you’ll find tons of rock acts here as well. I should (time permitting) have a AMJ schedule of show picks up soon. Don’t forget to put the tag #athpop in all your tweets about Popfest this week. And feel free to send us recommendations, pictures, videos, etc. at

Another great fest,The Improvisor Festival, starts up tonight. Details at Flagpole.

Speakin’ of the ‘Pole, Patterson Hood of the Drive-By Truckers is keeping a tour diary that you might want to check out.

Lots of releases coming out soon from Athens alum. Dead Confederate have brought Sugar to the table but the Modern Skirts, Futurebirds, Flash to Bang Time and a whole host of others have freshly printed records ready to go.

And finally, my lil bro is starting up at UGA. He’s a photojournalist and a drummer but I don’t think either of those occupations could prepare him for the horror he faced at orientation. “Party in the UGA?” File under OMG BURN IT WITH FIRE! Better luck next year guys.

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