New Addiction: The Border Lions

I first heard of the Border Lions through the ladies from Romanenko. The name caught my attention and I decided to check them out. What I found was a great little group that fit in well with my collections of Minus 5, Wilco, and the Brothers Gore.

The Border Lions are classic rock/pop in the vein of the early Beatles with a touch of Petty. If you’re a fan of growled and howled blues-like vocals and thin, sharp chords, this may just be your band. All the songs sound like you may have heard them somewhere before, not that that’s a bad thing.

I found myself bobbing my head up and down, caught in the groove. Very catchy stuff in a subtle way. I have a feeling these guys will be in my iPod mega-mixes for a long time coming.

The Border Lions are playing tonight at Flicker.

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