Where’s Waldo? And Michael. And Jojo…

One of the great parts of the Athens music scene is how connected all these seemingly different bands are. For proof, look no further than their music videos. With all this local talent at your disposal, why not grab some friends and put ’em in your video, right?

We’ll start off with of Montreal’s new video from their upcoming album. The irony lies in the fact that most of those extras are actually incredibly passive people. Who knew?

Now here’s a classic “Spot the Star” video. The B’s recruited a bunch of friends for this fun-loving tune. Random fact, there’s not one but at least TWO musicians named Michael that can be found here…

This is quite possibly one of my favorite videos of all time. Mainly because how many bands put their friends into a cartoon video? Man, that guy standing in front of Little Kings sure looks familiar…..

I REALLY wanted to be a part of this video shoot but alas, I was out of town. But you can recognize a lot of locals here, including one WUOGger that spends a lot of time with his dinosaur themed band….

Did I miss anyone?

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