A little random musing…

City lights/shine so bright/all over this town….

From my vantage point at my current location, I can see most of Athens. In the distance is the airport with all its landings and takeoffs and whatnot. Over there, no, over there a ways is Nuci’s. And I figure that big thing right there is Sanford Stadium. Sure, it’s dark out right now but give it a second…wait…THERE. Little lights turning on in the distance, one by one. Beautiful.

I’ve lived in five places over the past four weeks. I’m liking this place the best so far but it’s not mine. I’ll have to be moving on soon enough. But for now, at least I have a place to lay my head. I rest a bit easier at night knowing that at least I’m here and I’m getting things done, however slowly.

So, yeah. I’ve finally got a full-time job. I’ve been worried since December about the future and now that it’s here…well, it’s still not great but it’s working. At least I’m able to keep food on the table, a roof sorta over my head and work on this here blog (and Flagpole!) in the meantime.

But as I’m sitting here reflecting, my attention is drawn to the vibrating phone on the table. My brother is texting me for directions to a show he’s headed to tonight. It’s funny watching him get used to my beloved town. What took me several years to get, he’s picking up right away. Pretty awesome. He’s still got a lot to learn, of course, but don’t we all? Having him around and seeing him get curious about all the music Athens has to offer has jerked me out of a near-jadedness. That’s terrifying.

The last thing I would want to do is become to that person: too content to learn anything, try anything, be amazed. I’m slowly getting back to where I want to be. The wanderlust is quenched for now. The writing has begun to come easier. And I’m finally back in Athens.

It’s good to be home.

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