Contest: Win Tickets to the Modern Skirts This Friday!

Been way too long since I’ve held a contest so here goes! Be the first to send the right answer to with the subject line “Modern Skirts” and you’ll get those tickets. Here’s the question….

Everyone loves Jojo. But few fans know his actual name. What is it? Tell us and you’ll be seeing Jojo and the rest of the gang on Friday night!

Did I mention that the Modern Skirts are officially releasing “Happy 81 EP” that night? No? Well, they are.

Official rule type stuff:
First person to email with the correct answer wins a plus one ticket to the Modern Skirts show at the 40 Watt on Friday, August 27th. Contest begins Tuesday (today) at 7 a.m. and ends Wednesday at 7 p.m. Family and AMJ staff are not permitted to enter. Well, they are, but they won’t get the prize. Sorry, Z. 😛


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