Debate: Who Will Open The Georgia Theatre?

I’ll have to thank the Georgia Theatre twitter feed for this topic. On Tuesday, the feed ran a simple, but profound question: Who should be the first band to play when we re-open?

Wowzers. Who indeed? I was curious what bands our readers might suggest so I took it to our Facebook Fanpage. While many suggested our beloved Pylon, that possibility is gone, much to my own dismay. Other suggestions included a revamped Sea Level (who opened the Theatre the first time) and supergroups (complete with Pete Buck acting as the night’s host).

So who exactly could re-open the Georgia Theatre? Personally, I feel that some group with a deep connection to the venue should play. While Venice is Sinking is not exactly on the same level popularity-wise as the B-52s, I could understand them performing the entirety of “Sand and Lines” on opening night.

Many suggested folks like Panic and R.E.M. While I’d be the last to stand in the way of that, the amount of wrangling that would have to go on for that is astronomical. Though if anyone could pull it off, BrownCat and REMHQ could.

I’m rather fond of the idea of Zac Brown opening it up. Heck, it’s his concert that ended up raising a ton of money plus he’d be a pretty darn big draw. And with his band’s flexibility, there’d be plenty of room for J.B. or Buck to hop onstage and play for a minute or two.

But that’s just me. Who would you want to see christen the Theatre?

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