New Addiction: The Humms

The Humms are one of the many bands that have passed through the Flagpole office on their way to my iPod. Very few make it back into my personal rotation but the Humms are just too damn catchy to ignore.

Take a pint of psychedelic guitar, beach rhythm keys and drums, and fuzzed out vocals with odd harmonies and you have the Humms. A great deal of their songs, hell, even their EP title, have death or dying attached. “Do the Graverobber” is one of the more intriguing song titles I’ve heard in the past year. It’s worth a listen, for sure.

If you want a listen, head over to the much dreaded myspace.

The Humms play Wednesday at Little Kings.

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  1. Yes, and you can also listen on their website, if you don't want to go to myspace. The Wednesday night show is their record release party with Bare Wires, it's gonna be a helluva time, come out!

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