Athens Music News Roundup

Woah. Is it just me or is it getting a little cooler outside? Man, the summer went by fast.

Supercluster has a cool new logo that you can now sport in both t-shirt form and button form. Wavey goodness!

R.E.M.‘s crowd has been busy during the off-season. Buck and Scott McCaughey‘s new project, Tired Pony, has been gaining ground and is due to release another single next month. Meanwhile, Mills can be found on “Dear New Orleans,” a Gulf coast benefit album.
Flagpole put together a nifty list of Athens people to follow on Twitter, if that’s your kind of thing…

B-52s fans may want to head to the Melting Point to see Cindy Wilson’s new band Ola Moon. It’s the same lineup as the R.E.M. 30 celebration so you’ll see Wilson herself, Dana Downs, Paul Scales and members of Misfortune500 and Monahan.

So, which band do the AMJ facebook fans think should re-open the GA Theatre? Find out here.

Ok, so it’s not music news but it’s something we at AMJ care about so we’ll post it anyway! EcoFocus Film Festival has announced the film lineup for this year’s event. There’s a lot of great stuff so make sure to follow this link for more details on both the films and the Festival itself!

And finally, make sure you check out Dead Confederate‘s new video for “Run From the Gun.”

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