Monthly Archives: September 2010

CD REVIEW: The Humms

The Humms are back again with an incredibly long tracklist of psychobilly/punk/surf/garage rock. Most bands would decide to break all of this up into two albums or one and a couple of b-sides but not the Humms. The band is delivering Lemonland in all of its glory uncut. If you’re more the live type, the […]

Weekly Show Picks

 Alrighty folks! Here’s some great music that’s happening this week. Check it out! Tonight Little Kings  Holly Belle Kaitlin Jones O Mello Cello Tree Go Bar Four Eyes Carol Cleveland Sings Roar Witches Thursday Caledonia Cold Ones Shitty Candy and the Circus Peanuts Tastes Like Good Thieves Market Melting Point Clay Leverett Tony Joe White […]

New Addiction: Harp Unstrung

Now, normally I wait until a band has a show upcoming before I put them up in my Addictions list but Harp Unstrung has lodged itself firmly in my brain and will not let go. A little bit bluesy, a little bit alt, and a few Southern/Country leanings blend with delightful harmonies and, as previously […]

Epic Fail Playlist for the Dawgs

Dawgs, c’mon. You’re killin’ me here! I couldn’t even stand to watch all of the game on Saturday, deciding instead to peer around the corner at the t.v. while hammering out emails. I heard a lot of groaning. Then I made the mistake of logging onto facebook and saw an avalanche of sad status updates. […]

Athens Music News Roundup

Okay dudes and dudettes! Time for some local music news type stuff! Let’s get to it! The Burning Angelswill soon have a new album out, if Mark’s facebook status is correct. YAY! The New Young, Foxy & Freeis out. Go get one. More R.E.M. news:According to HQ, they’re finally done with the new album. Release […]

Feeling a Bit Under the Weather…

Yeah, yeah, I know. Yes, I’m still at work. And yes, I already have tomorrow’s blog post up and ready to go. I also have the sinus headache from hell so I’m gonna post a few videos and go sit in a small, dark corner for a bit. I really miss REMDave’s youtube channel. But […]

Weekly Show Picks

And we have a winner from Monday’s contest! Congrats to Rob Clement who answered first, responding that the Caledonia was once known, however briefly, as the 11:11 Club. We also saw answers that included the 40 Watt, which was also true. Keep your eyes peeled for more ops to win stuff. And Rob, we’ll see […]

Catchin’ Up With Nuci’s Space

  Our friends over at Nuci’s Space have a lot going on lately, so we thought that we’d give you a head’s up as to what’s coming up in the next month or so for our favorite lil’ blue building. First up, the Rock N Raffle. Nuci’s is giving away tickets to see the Drive-By […]

Contest: Win Tickets to The Orkids/Misfortune500/Heypenny

Hey, it’s Monday and we’re all a bit bummed about having to return to work, right? So why not let AMJ make your day a little brighter by giving you free stuff. Before we begin, I’ll go ahead and mention that I help out Misfortune500 from time to time. So there ya go. ANYWHO… I’ve […]

Gimme Shelter

I’ve mentioned my love of all things Southern Shelter before but my new job has me deeply in Sloan Simpson’s debt. I should explain that now I’m 8 to 5, I’ve got more time than ever to listen to boatloads of music. Sure, I’ve got stuff to review and that’s always great but sometimes you […]