Weekly Show Picks

 Alrighty folks! Here's some great music that's happening this week. Check it out!TonightLittle Kings Holly BelleKaitlin JonesO Mello Cello TreeGo BarFour EyesCarol Cleveland SingsRoarWitchesThursdayCaledoniaCold OnesShitty Candy and the Circus PeanutsTastes Like GoodThieves MarketMelting PointClay LeverettTony Joe White (writer of "Rainy Night in Georgia")FlickerThe HummsTimmy TumbleFriday40 WattGift HorseBananafishFuturebirdsVelveteen PinkCaledoniaDEVILNECK MUSIC FESTClick here for detailsNuci's Space10th Birthday Party!Saturday40 … Continue reading Weekly Show Picks

Contest: Win Tickets to The Orkids/Misfortune500/Heypenny

Hey, it's Monday and we're all a bit bummed about having to return to work, right? So why not let AMJ make your day a little brighter by giving you free stuff. Before we begin, I'll go ahead and mention that I help out Misfortune500 from time to time. So there ya go. ANYWHO...I've got … Continue reading Contest: Win Tickets to The Orkids/Misfortune500/Heypenny