They Say You Can’t Wear White After Labor Day…

Not quite sure who made up the rule about wearing white after Labor Day but as my close friends will attest, I am no slave to fashion. Never have been. I’m more of a jeans, t-shirt, and random hat type person. But in Athens, bands seem to be born with some weird fashion gene. Check out the following videos for some of the more interesting fashion statements our bands have made over the years!

We’ll start off with a vid from R.E.M. Stipe’s become quite the fashion icon over the years, sporting everything from blue face paint and white tailored suits to oversized shirts. “What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?” finds him in t-shirt and jeans mode with Mills sporting a then new look. Buck and Berry stick with their usual. If you want something really trippy, watch this clip with the sound off.

Thankfully, Mills’ nudie suit is now hanging outside of his personal closet. The green color was nice. The cut was even ok. But when you’re inspired to grab the Bedazzler and go to town on your old disco suit? Not a good idea.

I know I’m completely biased when it comes to Misfortune500 but when every write-up they get mentions the “anime hair,” you kinda have to include them in a fashion post. Me? I just sell the t-shirts.

It makes sense that Misfortune would do a Hipster Party with the Gold Party. These guys have fashion down. Take a bit of black, pair it with good music, and boom. Luxury and Light.

If the darker colors of the spectrum aren’t really your thing, turn to Casper and the Cookies. Glitter, glam, funk… it’s all here. And all on the eyelashes of the Cookies.

And where would we be without Of Montreal. Those guys even have a song about the hardships of the fashion elite.
Oh if only Kevin Barnes could help my wardrobe… Alas.
Anywho, Happy Labor Day guys!

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