Well That Was Random: The Glands at Flicker

About three months ago, I saw a comment on a “Where Did the Glands Go?” video on Youtube that indicated that the band had gotten back together and might start playing out again. “Wait, what?” I thought. I quickly forgot about the comment and continued on my way.

Flash forward to Monday. I’m just arriving into town from holiday and my phone begins to light up with texts. First some cryptic stuff then finally “The Glands are playing a secret show at Flicker.” My heart leaps up into my throat. No friggen way. Soon after was another text: “It’s sold out.” Cue up the really sad music of heartache and pain. Figures.

Yes, I’m the type that knows about secret shows before they happen. But unfortunately, it’s usually only minutes before. Everyone else has filled the building or it’s way outta my way to get there… Yup, that’s the usual way it goes. And so it went for a long time tonight.

When I got to Flicker, the bar was at capacity and most of my friends were already milling about, wristbands on and beer in hand. I stood around and chatted for a bit, trying to get a good glimpse of the Glands’ setup. Way too many people to even see. As the night wore on, people began filing inside Flicker and I was basically stuck outside to listen from the benches out front.

So there I sat, listening to the delightful melodies coming from inside where dozens of people had gathered because they had heard the news in time. I must’ve looked fairly sad because after a few songs, the doorguy took pity upon my soul and let me in! YAY! I managed to twist and turn my way towards the back of the room, landing on top of the benches.

Not the greatest of angles, I thought to myself, but it’ll do. At least I got in here. Someone near the front decided it’d be a great idea to light up in the middle of a crowded room. It wasn’t long before the scent of weed reached our nostrils in the back. Sigh. Just lovely. I made a mental note to throw my clothes in the washer when I got back.

It was quite the show. The Glands have obviously been working hard during their downtime. The set only faltered when they switched guitars out or had to call powwows to pick their next tune from a notebook covered in scribbles.

I thought I had fallen into Athens circa 1998. And I know I wasn’t the only one that felt that way. Taking stock of the crowd, I saw a great gathering of the generation of Athens musicians that had witnessed the rise of The Glands. And maybe, just maybe, we got to see them before they rose again.

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