Athens Music News Roundup

Many, many, many thanks to our friend Patrick McGinn for the of Montreal photo. 

And now for the bits and pieces of Athens music news!

Drivn’ N’ Cryin’ had their trailer, along with all their equipment, stolen from the La Quinta motel in Macon, GA on Friday night. The trailer is a black Quicksilver 5×10 model with DNC stickers on it. The tag is TL9H396. Currently, an arrest warrant has been put out for a person believed to be pawning stolen materials from D’n’C. More details and contact info are here.

Nuci’s Space kicks off its Pro Bono Music Law clinic tomorrow. If you’ve got questions about copyright, fees, and other fun legal type stuff, stop by. Everything starts up at 2 p.m. Check out Nuci’s Space’s site for more details.

Speaking of Nuci’s, you’ll want to read up on a new series of albums coming out that are tied to the organization over on our friend Echoreyn of Athens’ blog.

R.E.M. has posted an interesting video clip featuring some new music that’s coming out of their time in Nashville. Let the wild speculation begin! And for my fellow McCaughey fans, a fun little link.

It looks like officers may start ticketing street musicians for noise violations, says the Red and Black

I think my Lastfm account is a bit outta whack. Or maybe not. Maybe I just listen to that kind of stuff all the time… *shrug*

As always, if you’ve got any news, pictures, videos, or anything else you’d like shared, email us at

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