New Addiction: Quiet Hooves

Quiet Hooves is one of those bands I have to dub more of a “collective” due to their ever-changing lineups and the involvement of members in multiple other projects. For example, the Hooves have both Jeff Tobias and Mercer West at their disposal, making the Quiet Hooves family tree quite the interconnected plant type thingy.

They have this ability to pull more and more musicians into their fold, Tobias, yet again, proving an example. He wrote this piece on Quiet Hooves in March of this year. Now, he’s in the band. Just another day in Athens, GA..

But back to the actual band. Quiet Hooves are anything but quiet. The hooves part of the band’s moniker could be right on, however. Disjointed would be a good way to label it, if you had to. There’s many hints of melody but having at least eight different members, some of whom are playing the same instruments, can create a magnificent noise that’s a bit odd at the worst and interesting at the best.

Make sure to check Q.H. out tonight at New Earth Music Hall.

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