Gimme Shelter

I’ve mentioned my love of all things Southern Shelter before but my new job has me deeply in Sloan Simpson’s debt. I should explain that now I’m 8 to 5, I’ve got more time than ever to listen to boatloads of music. Sure, I’ve got stuff to review and that’s always great but sometimes you just want something you can sit back and enjoy, right?

That’s where Southern Shelter comes in. That Casper and the Cookies show I saw 3 years ago? Bam, right there. Legendary Pylon show? Got ya covered.

I even made a little flag to express my appreciation.

Fear my awesome MS Paint skills.

And I found the ultra-secret pledge of allegiance to the Sloan flag!

I pledge allegiance
to the flag
of the awesome Southern Shelter
and to Sloan Simpson
and microphone stands
Yes, I’m in a rather silly mood this morning. But I really don’t care. I’ve got some awesome tunes today thanks to Sloan. So check out his site when you get a chance. His most recent stuff includes that secret Glands show, Harvey Milk, and Dead Confederate. ROCK!

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