Feeling a Bit Under the Weather…

Yeah, yeah, I know. Yes, I’m still at work. And yes, I already have tomorrow’s blog post up and ready to go. I also have the sinus headache from hell so I’m gonna post a few videos and go sit in a small, dark corner for a bit.

I really miss REMDave’s youtube channel. But since he’s not uploading anymore, I find myself turning to REMchout for goodies such as this:

Remember that secret show Pylon did? AthensUGADawg sure does!

What I really like about WidespreadPanic’s channel is that they upload actual concert footage!

So, yeah. Have some fun with these, subscribe if you can to their channels, and remember that AMJ happens to have its own channel too. Awesome. I’m gonna go get some tylenol now. Thanks.

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