Athens Music News Roundup

Okay dudes and dudettes! Time for some local music news type stuff! Let’s get to it!

The Burning Angels
will soon have a new album out, if Mark’s facebook status is correct. YAY!

The New Young, Foxy & Free
is out. Go get one.

More R.E.M. news:
According to HQ, they’re finally done with the new album. Release date has yet to be determined but Spring ’11 looks good. Now for the naming process to begin. I vote either “Love and Squalor” or “Secret Decoder Ring.”

Also, “Losing My Religion” will be sung on Glee by the Finn character during the third episode. Apparently Finn sees Jesus in a piece of cheese toast. Yeah. This is gonna be a wait and see thing, for sure.

And check out this post by our friends at REMRing on the Top 10 R.E.M. Songs of the 21st Century. I agree with numbers 2 and 3. The others are negotiable…

More from Widespread Panic:
“Live in the Classic City II” comes out on Tuesday! It features folks like John Keane, Mike Mills, Bloodkin and more.

The Hannah’s Buddies Golf Tourney is going to be held in Orlando, FL January 21st.  An auction will be held the next day, complete with tunes from the DBTs and Mr. Bell himself. More info here.

Edwin McCain:
Is playing tomorrow night. Between him and Sister Hazel, I’m having a minor “1997-98 wimpy alt-rock” flashback. Somebody grab Hootie and the Blowfish!

Speaking of blowing, UGA’s Homecoming Concert may actually not suck so bad this year. But I may be wrong. It’d be ludicrous to not mention it though.

Upcoming On AMJ :
We’ve got a ton of records reviewed in our backlog so they’re getting put up. I’m talking the new ones from the Skirts, Dead Confederate, Kite to the Moon (RELEASE SHOW TOMORROW!), and the Humms. And a few more, come to think of it. Yeah, lots of people releasing good stuff

Also, still uploading new footage from various shows to the AMJYoutube account.

Another giveaway? Yup.

New playlist type suggestion thingies? Yes indeed.

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