10 Reasons I Love Nuci’s Space

Since the Space is turning 10 this weekend, I thought I’d type up a list of 10 Reasons I Love Nuci’s Space. No particular order here, just my own little way of saying happy birthday guys!

It looks funky.
It’s blue and square and brick and looks very stunning, yet inviting as you drive up the street. Catch it at the right time of day and the red of the steeple behind it, paired with the sunlight, makes for a beautiful sight.

The Staff
Bob and Will are constantly in view at the Space and around town. Will in particular has been awesome to AMJ and myself, dealing with random cds that get sent there for us and making sure we know what’s going on. And Bob is just fun to talk to.

Practice Space
When I finally form my hypothetical Athens band cover band (“The Scrapes!”), you can bet I’ll make use of those practice rooms. Of course, I enjoy just sitting in the lobby and listening to other bands practice there just as much. You never know who you’ll run into. The next great Athens band could be banging out chords right then and there.

Community Building
The number of musicians, bands, and music type people that support Nuci’s Space’s mission is astounding. When a lot of people from extremely different backgrounds get together for a common cause, it really warms my heart.

The Shows
I’ve seen some great performances in Nuci’s smallish area. It’s great for singer-songwriters and bands alike. If you really want to be blown away, watch the organization’s calendar for some impressive artists coming up.

Rental Equipment
Because some of us just really really really want to play a Strat and have no other way to. Mmmm. Stratocaster….

The Mission
Everybody Hurts” could be Nuci’s themesong if need be. The people involved in the Space work hard to make sure that musicians can know that they’re not alone. Depression can set in and when it does, Nuci’s does its best to make sure there’s a support system ready and waiting.

Camp Amped
Kids. With guitars. And drums. Playing with Athens’ finest. I love this camp.

The Food
Back when I parked in the lot facing the steeple, it was always so nice to know that food and drink was in quick reach. Nothing like a Gatorade and some candy to help make that 8 a.m. class a bit less horrible.

The Possibilities
I keep hoping that one day more cities will be able to have a Nuci’s Space type environment. If we keep supporting the one we’ve got and help it grow, soon that dream may become a reality.

Happy Birthday Nuci’s Space!


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