Best and Worst of Losing My Religion

Wow. I got so many emails yesterday about the Glee version of “Losing My Religion” that I thought it’d be a bit fun to show some other versions of it that I’ve found on the web. Glee’s is far from the best and far from the worst I’ve heard. And you’d better believe there are a lot. Below are a bunch of vids I’ve found of LMR. And if you’re hungry for the real thing, R.E.M. just released a new itunes bundle… But enough talk, On to the post!

Heavy Metal. Shredded vocal chords. Wonder if our buddy Damien could do that…

And there’s about a million or so more. But when it comes down to it, you can’t beat the originals. Now, I can play LMR on guitar but on mandolin? I fare about as well as Russell there…

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  1. LOL, interesting post thanks. That Colton guy hams the song up worse than a pig in a butcher’s shop.

    Now I adore REM, love them in fact. It's a cliché, but since 88ish they've provided the sound track to my life and Country Feedback ranks as my favourite song by any band.

    Losing my Religion is a great tune too – both from OFT. But as a hardcore fan, the only time I hear it now is at the band's live gigs, radio or on TV. I don’t often find myself listening to the more popular, mid-period REM singles – as good as they maybe. So it’s kind of cool to hear all these different renditions even though some of them truly suck lol (just makes you realise how amazing REM is).

    Of course, it's probably the most unlikely single of all time – the lack of chorus and lead mandolin often cited by the band as cornerstones to their curiosity to LMR's success.

    Having just revisted to UP and Life’s Rich, I can’t wait for the new album next year.

    Anyways, thanks for the post,

    Matt Pattinson, freelance copywriter at

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