Contest: Happy Monday with NMH

All Hail Neutral Milk Hotel!

I’ve got this extra cd, you see, a Neutral Milk Hotel one. And I want to give it to someone. But I’d like a playlist in return.

So here’s the challenge. MAKE A KICKASS FALL PLAYLIST. Give me a list of 8 to 10 songs and artists that you feel embody the spirit of Fall. They don’t even have to be Athens oriented (blasphemy!). You can include links to youtube videos, download pages, your band’s myspace, etc. if you want, but it’s not necessary.

Email your playlist to with the subject title “Spoiled Milk.” Whomever comes up with the most rockin’ playist (as judged by our 3 person panel) will get the spoils. DEADLINE IS WEDNESDAY AT NOON. Winner will be announced and notified on Friday.

Oh, and Happy Monday.

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