A Quick Note on the Upcoming Elections

Grr Politics Grr

I’ve gotten a few emails and messages from readers asking me if I’m going to throw blog support behind a mayoral and District 5 candidate.

Short answer is no. Long answer is 1) This is a music blog, not a political one. Even though the outcomes of these elections will have an impact on my much beloved music scene and the arts that feed it, it’s a bit silly for a site like mine to endorse someone 2) At the time of registration, I didn’t technically “live” in Athens and as of right now I don’t think this borrowed couch counts as a residence so I’m not even voting here this go round. Bummer, eh?

Now I will point you in the direction of Flagpole which has some interesting articles on the candidates as well as a few question and answer rounds. Take a look and I encourage you to think for yourself and go vote. I cannot stress how important it is that you take your rights as a citizen and use them to make the world a little better place. I’ll hop off this here soapbox now and let y’all get back to the music. Or flailing. Or whatever this is.

This message has been brought to you by the Athens Music Junkie Alliance for Sheer Awesomeness and Awareness.

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