Pylon Junkies

Today is Vanessa’s birthday so I thought I’d do a special little post here on AMJ just for her. Ya see, I have to blame Pylon for starting my Athens music addiction (not R.E.M. as many believe). Since Vanessa pulled me up onstage one cold night some years ago, I’ve been absolutely hooked. So now here’s a few bits and pieces about Pylon.

Learn To Play Like Pylon
I learned bass from playing along to Michael’s lines on Gyrate but it might have been a bit easier had I known about this site. There’s a few well-written lyric sheets that have tabs to some of the band’s major songs. Pretty darn nifty!

Early Internet Fanpages?
Yup, they’re out there. Including this one that’s a tad bit hard to read. But it’s worth a look if only for the recollections and discography.

Video Goodness
Uploaded under my ol’ screenname blueshades87….

And under the AMJ category…

New Year’s EVE!

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