Low Yo Yo Stuff is Back…

The weather was just so beautiful on Friday night that I managed to leave my little basement and get out into the world for a bit. After a great supper at Copper Creek (holy crap those ribs were awesome), we wandered around towards the Caledonia in search of a little entertainment.

It was a curiously slow night in Athens, just a few cover bands playing here and there and a minor band or two taking roost at the other venues. The only people on the street were some of the fratties, lined up as usual in front of their mainstay bars. But as we walked toward the 40 Watt, I caught a glimpse of a light on in a little store that I long thought abandoned. Tucked between Flicker and Clocked, was a glimmering, shining bit of hope.

Lo and behold, it was a new record store! A Facebook message confirmed it, Low Yo Yo Stuff has come back to Athens! Yes, Chris Razz and Todd Ploharski merged Secret Sounds and Low Yo Yo Stuff, brought it to a little hole in the wall in Athens, and opened up shop.

Now, the store is planning some sort of grand opening for this weekend but it’s already open for business. When we went inside, there were cds everywhere and a pretty hardy selection of vinyl singles for sale. So if you get the chance, drop in and check it out. Let us know what you think.


  1. Todd Ploharski?

    That's an old Wuogger (and Wrekker) name… as I recall he was really into “industrial” music (not sure what the genre is called now)

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