Weekly Show Picks

Wowzers look at the rain! While I’m glad things are cooling off a bit outside, I’m just hoping that this weekend will stay nice, cool, and dry. It’s Halloween for heaven’s sake! And with the spooky day approaching, so do some spooky shows! OH yeah, Next to Last Fest is happening to! WOW.
Go Bar
Next To Last Fest Kickoff and WUOG Party
Big Eyes
Big Hug Little Kiss
Co Co Ri Co
Dead Dog
Sleeping Friends
Go Bar
CMJ Showcase
Bomb the Music Industry
Cheap Girls
Chotto Ghetto
Laura Stevenson
New Earth Music Hall
Next To Last Fest
See here for bands!
The Capital Room
Nathan Sheppard
Seney Stovall Chapel
Halloween Live!
Dude Looks Like a Lady (Aerosmith Cover Band!)
The Shut Ups!
Farm 255
Vinyl Vanilla
Little Kings
Girls Rock Fundraiser
New Earth Music Hall
Next To Last Fest
Bad Manor
The Rattlers
Little Kings
The Orkids
Kite to the Moon
Dj Mahogany
New Earth Music Hall
Next to Last Fest
The Melting Point
Next To Last Fest
Caledonia Lounge
New Sound of Numbers
Poison Control Center
Rye Bar
The Powder Kegs

1 Comment

  1. Don't forget about the special one-night only return of the 8-track gorilla!!! Saturday at Hendershot's Coffee with Bitch Switch and The Humms (early show).

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