New Addiction: Mad Whisky Grin

Ah, Mad Whisky Grin. A pure blend of swamp-tinged slide and mournful folk. I can’t begin to tell you how often I’ve thrown on some MWG during a dark fall night, wishing I had some sort of fire going. If music could be tied to a location, I firmly believe that Grin would be a cold fall bonfire in the middle of the woods, with little animals darting in and out of the scene.

When I first got into MWG, the cd I had just featured Frank on guitar and vocals. Since then, I’ve run across the songs that include Nancy on vocals. It’s an improvement for sure. Her vibrato shimmers and shines, giving a high end to a spectrum that tends towards the understated.

Rumor is that Frank’s slide is made from an old shotgun barrel. The style he employs ranges from the previously mentioned slide guitar to finger picking. Truly, you could listen to just Frank jam on the guitar for a while and be ok. But then Nancy’s vocals kick in and WOW. Do yourself a favor and take a listen. 

Check Out Mad Whisky Grin tonight at Kelly’s Jerk Wings.

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