Reflections on a Weekend Spent

Sometimes what I do is extremely frustrating. Creating content day after day has that kind of effect on a person, I suppose. It’s easy to get burned out, to take the easy road, to wonder why you’re doing this at all…And then you happen across something unexpected, maybe it’s a new band that blows you away or (in my case) an art exhibit. BOOM. Suddenly, you’re back in the mode, ready to create, itching to get to work.

Inspiration doesn’t always have to come directly from the field we work in. Or at least not for me, anyways. My better half and I headed out to Cine to observe all the great work that Chris, Lester, and Dan have produced. Chris’ photos lined the walls as you walked inside. Dan’s work was showing in the Lab next door. But the bottleneck was caused by the one time only screening of Lance Bang’s work. We were so fortunate to have Mr. Bangs himself present to bring context to the footage. And what footage it was!

And then came some very special stuff. A little bit of Arcade Fire, some Jeff Mangum action, and an all too brief sneak peek at a particular band (three letters) that had me going “We’re not seeing this, we’re not seeing this, Holy crap we’re seeing this!” Consider me very intrigued.

Anyway, it was great fun getting to see so many of our good friends together in a single place for once. I’m constantly amazed at the sheer talent that surrounds me in this town. One look around the Cine lobby before the show would’ve revealed the best we’ve got in photography, videography, music, graphic design, website design, PR, management, and on and on and on. Pretty darn overwhelming.

It kinda makes you sit back for a second and reflect on what you’ve done. What have I made? Was it worth making? Is it worth the sleepless nights, the low-wage job, the constant strain and push and pull? Is it worth living out of your suitcase for going on six months now? Am I happy with what I’ve done? As I walked back to our car in the chill of the early evening, I already knew the answer. Everything I’ve done can only get better. I may not have twenty years of incredible work behind me like Chris and Lance and Dan but as many of my Flagpole commenters have pointed out, I can’t get much worse! The Cine trio love what they do and it shows. I can only hope to harness my own passions so well.

Worth it?

Worth it.

This is AthensMusicJunkie. And this is what I do.

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