Athens Music News Roundup


The B-52s will be playing Athens! Holy green colored cows! Yes, the original party people are returning to Athens on February 18, 2011 to play the Classic Center. Tickets for the event go on sale Friday, December 3rd. The lowest price starts at $39.50 so unless someone wants to throw me one for my birthday, I may have to sit this one out. Regardless, this will prove to be an awesome show and a very rare happening indeed. Thanks to Dan Matthews for the heads up!

Downtown Athens has a spiffy new website up and running. My current favorite feature is the calendar but I’m sure you’ll find something awesome of your own while rummaging around. 

The 40 Watt Club was named one of the top ten greatest rock venues by Gibson. Link is here.

In other “We’re Awesome” news, GQ named Athens one of the coolest small cities in America. Link right here.

Hey Elf Power! Let’s play 20 Questions! What? You already did? Darn you Popmatters!!!

Buy Local this holiday season and you may win some money from Flagpole.

Nuci’s Space is tax exempt!

The Drive-By Truckers are currently rambling around Europe but will return home January 13-15 for their premiere of the new album Go Go Boots. Today, the band launched a preview of Go Go Boot episodes. Check out the video below for a sneak peek.

In the non-music news arena, come out to Farm 255 on Monday for a special party celebrating the premiere of The Four Coursemen on the Cooking Channel. Our buddies Damien, Randy, and their crew have worked really hard so why not party hard with them? Congrats guys!

The Beatles are on iTunes for anyone who hasn’t figured out how to rip your cds yet…

Dance Party. Friday. Video.

In super secret news, I’d be keeping an eye here on AMJ, our Facebook page, and Jordan’s personal Twitter for a chance to win stuff on Friday. Just sayin’. 

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