New Addiction: Crumbling Arches

Oh Arches, I’m so sorry I stumbled across you so late. But at least I’m on the boat, right? Figures I always manage to get in on the tail end of things.

Anyway, the Crumbling Arches is a poppy rock band in a town not really known for being keen on the pop as of late. Taking complex melodies and paring them with a radio-friendly sensibility is what these guys do best. They remind me of a heavier version of another late band, Leading Edge.

I’m a sucker for vocal harmonies and the Arches do not disappoint. Thankfully, they know when to tone it down and when to let the harmonies fly, unlike so many other pop bands. But there’s the rock edge to them as well. Listen close and you can hear the guitar solos ripped from classic rock, a dancey bass, and a pummeling drumline here and there. Just awesome.

Check ’em out at their “Last Ever” show tonight at Farm 255. I really hope it’s not the last….

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