When There’s Almost Absolutely Nothing To Do

Some of us at AMJ were pulling together this week’s Show Picks when we remembered that this is the time of year that very little is actually going on. Yes, with most of the college crowd heading home for some turkey and various amounts of whatnot, many places just seem to shut down. Or at the very least, slow down. Now would be a great time for The Walking Dead to film a few scenes in Athens. It’s a ghost town.

So what are those of us left here to do? Well, you can always go to the smattering of shows that will continue, pick up a local paper type thing and see what other events are going on, or even just go for a walk. I prefer to listen to all of my old favorite albums when I’ve got nothing else to do.

Must. Resist. Cheerfulness. Ack!

This one for example. I find that I keep coming back to Cosmic Thing as my all time favorite B-52 album. True, I could probably pick another one that has more songs that I love than CT but as far as I’m concerned, this is a “stranded on an island and can only bring a number of things” type record. It’s cheery and yet there’s some undercurrents there that have this nostalgic sadness to it.


While I could never choose between Reveal and New Adventures, I’d have to say that NAIHF has made many more trips to my record player. You want something that you can close your eyes and dream to? This is it. Many bands make the “road trip” album but few records turn out so well. It’s as brutal and harsh as the American west. Love it.


This album by the Skirts may be something they don’t want to revisit much anymore but I’m a shameless fan. Catalogue is my “sick” album, meaning I throw it on anytime I’m not feeling well or am just exhausted. Surely everyone has one of those, right? Well, this is mine. The songs flow well into one another and lean towards that mid-tempo piano bliss I enjoy.

So what are some of your favorite rainy/sick/bored day albums?


  1. Many of my favorite fall records, especially on dreary and/or rainy days, are dark and spacey dream-pop–shoegaze if you will–the kind characterized by reverb and chorus drenched guitars and equal parts melody and drone. The Cure's “Bloodflowers,” Doves' “Lost Souls,” Slowdive's “Souvlaki,” and The Depreciation Guild's “Spirit Youth” are a few examples. As far as local acts go, Dead Confederate's “Wrecking Ball” and Gift Horse's “Mountain of Youth” are absolutely perfect albums for day-wasting.

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