Thanksgiving, Collapse Style

It Happened Today. My great food coma experience. I was sitting there, dozing off, when all of a sudden…BAM! I’m in some sort of weird trance-like state. I felt like I needed to tell someone. Unfortunately for y’all, That Someone is You…..

There’s so much food! Gosh, cranberries and stuffing and corn and casseroles… Oh My Heart! All of the kitchen utensils take on the smells of the food being cooked. Mine Smell Like Honey.

I think I ate too much. Way too much. So much food… I feel a food coma coming on. I’m delirious, speaking nonsense! Alligator Aviator Autopilot Antimatter… Uberlin….Me Marlon Brando Marlon Brando and I……

Woahkay…..time to Walk it Back a bit. Need to clear my head. It’s nice being a Discoverer of other worlds for a bit but I’d like to spend some time in reality please. Maybe watch some football, watch the parade, or even just read a book.

Here’s hoping that the economy doesn’t have you feeling Blue. There’s a lot to be thankful for, even if it’s just the roof over your head and the people you have near. Just remember, Every Day is Yours to Win.

Wishing you All The Best,

The Crew at AthensMusicJunkie

Collapse Into Now Tracklisting, via the REM newsletter
1. Discoverer
2. All The Best
3. Uberlin
4. Oh My Heart
5. It Happened Today
6. Every Day Is Yours To Win
7. Alligator Aviator Autopilot Antimatter
8. Walk It Back
9. Mine Smell Like Honey
10. That Someone Is You
11. Me, Marlon Brando, Marlon Brando and I
12. Blue 

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