New Addiction: New Sound of Numbers

As with most Athens bands, New Sound of Numbers has undergone several transformations in the members department. A project that once included Randy Bewley and Will Cullen Hart, New Sound of Numbers is as fluid as water itself. And just as soothing at times.

The latest lineup boasts Jeff Tobias (of numerous Athens projects) and William Kennedy (Reptar) in addition to Kay of Casper and the Cookies, Vanessa (Pylon), John “I can play any instrument under the sun” Fernandes, Hannah Jones, Kathryn Refi, and Greg O’Connell. Talk about your massive projects.

Anywho, if experimental is your thing, then look no further. When that many creative minds get together, you never know what you’re going to get. And each live performance will surely be different than the last. Make sure to catch the gang at Flicker on SATURDAY.

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