I Got Stuck In An Elevator. No Kidding.

Not an elevator.

This morning I had the distinct pleasure of being trapped inside of an elevator for a half-hour. While I’m not claustrophobic by any means, the experience was, shall we say, not enjoyable. All that could run through my head was this:

True, it’s the middle of a workday and the security people showed up pretty quickly but elevators are not like the Tardis. They are even smaller on the inside. Boo. Naturally, I got stuck in the basement with no phone signal (brilliant) so I was left with nothing but my thoughts. So what do I think about when just bored? Random stuff, I suppose. Pondering the imponderable.
1. R.E.M.’s new album and what’s going to happen with their Warner Bros. Contract. If memory serves, this is the last one required on that mega deal they signed a while back.
2. GA Music Hall of Fame in Athens. I’m all for it. I’d work there if I could. I wonder though if some might try to make it TOO Athens centric. We’ve got ages and ages of GA music to build off of you know…
3. My socks. I left them in the dryer this morning. Dammit.
4. I picked the wrong day to not get coffee.
5. Dead Confederate had to cancel shows cause of a robbery. Major bummer. No one got hurt though so that’s good at least.
6. The Truckers are sick as dogs right now while touring Europe. 
7. I need a new AMJ logo. *think think think*
8. Someone in the basement made cinnamon rolls. Great. Now I’m hungry and in an elevator.
9. Would R.E.M. make a good indie band? Did they ever stop being indie-oriented? Could they be indie? What is “indie” anymore, anyway?
10. Oh yeah, voting is today. 
11. What does this button do?
So, long story short, I spent more time asking questions than formulating answers. In the probable case that I do get stuck in that stupid lift again, I’d like some more things to think about. Lay ’em on me.

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