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Happy New Year!

Heh. See what we did there? Well guys, we’ve made it through another year. Ye olde 2010 is now past and we’re embarking on new and exciting adventures in the year 2011. It was a far less sad than the year previous but we had our fair share of bumps, bruises and scars. But it’s […]

The Required BEST OF 2010 List

Firstly, congrats to Nina B. for guessing the day the B-52s first played Athens! Secondly, here are a few of the responses we got when we asked for your BEST OF 2010 lists. At least, these were the most filled out. Abandoned Couches Picks:Best Album – Gray Waves, Twin Tigers Best Music Video – Can’t say I’ve seen […]

Weekly Show Picks

Last show picks post before the new year and boy are there some awesome parties going on in Athens this week! So pick your show, pick your date, pick your drink and ring in 2011! TONIGHT Terrapin Beer Co. Catt Leach Manhattan Cafe Jack Jiggles THURSDAY Max Canada Dead Confederate New Earth Dubconscious 2.0 Glitch […]

A Look Ahead at 2011

Yup. It’s the end of the year as we know it. And I feel fine. But what have we got on the horizon? A lot of stuff, actually. New albums from R.E.M., the Modern Skirts, Gold Party, Reptar (?), and many more. SXSW is coming up fast. Athens, as always, will be sending a ton of […]

10 Things That Happened in 2010

Howdy all! Hope everyone got what they wanted for Christmas! We just wanted to revisit ten general things that happened this year that stand out in our minds. It’s been a good year, here’s hoping 2011 will be even better! R.E.M. Turns 30Wowzers! What a month! Between the amazing R.E.M. 30 concert at the Melting […]

Merry Christmas From AthensMusicJunkie

We hope that your Christmas is merry, your presents many, and your music awesome. Happy Holidays from the Staff of AMJ

Don’t Forget To Nominate!

HEY YOU GUYS! It’s that time of year again when we all break out our top 10 lists and such but this year, we figured that it’d be nice to hear from you what you thought was awesome about Athens in 2010. Seriously. We’ve gotten about 20 different emails from people telling us what they […]

Weekly Show Picks

Now we know why they call it the DEAD of winter. Sheesh. Anywho, quick programming note for all you AMJs out there. Yes, we’ll be posting through the holidays but it’s automated so some of these posts may have been written yesterday or two years ago. Just in case you were wondering. TONIGHT Rye Bar […]

Playlist: Too Much Christmas Food Edition

Seasons Eatings! Wait, what? Oh yeah, it’s that time of year when all the Christmas parties start popping up along with their tasty morsels. Cake, pies, chips, chocolate, cupcakes, fudge, all the major food groups, right?But you know what will have to come next: Post-Holiday Exercise. Ugh. Why not listen to some awesome local music […]

Hey, We Got You A Present!

 Yup, we’ve got yet another giveaway for y’all, just in time for a next-to-last minute Christmas gift! Ya just gotta answer this question and you’ll be on your way to Presenttown! Question: The B-52s are playing a show in Athens at the Classic Center in February. When was the FIRST time the group played in […]