I’m Your Man…

When I was a freshman at the University of Georgia, I had the opportunity to take a class based totally on the works of Leonard Cohen. Though I had originally wanted to land in the Bob Dylan class, I’m still absolutely thrilled that I got to spend some time going through the lyrics and poetry of Mr. Cohen.

Our class was small but a few of us could play guitar. We pitched the idea of a tribute show as an end of the semester party. We gathered together at the top of the Transmet downtown and ate pizza, played music, and had a fun ol’ time. Dr. Kraft, our fantastic instructor, decided to carry on the tradition for the next class she taught.

And so I got the opportunity to come back again and play some of my favorite Cohen songs which were, still to this day, the only performances I’ve done in Athens. And I know several people are thankful for that, but I digress…

The students from this year’s class are doing both performances and readings of Cohen’s work. The event runs from noon til 1:30 at Nuci’s Space. So use that lunch break of yours to head on down and get a glimpse of some talented kids displaying the brilliance that is Cohen.

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