Help Us Pick the Best of the Year

Well, it’s that time of year again when we start (or finish) assembling our “End of Year” lists. You’ll see them popping up everywhere now, filled with bands you may not of heard of but are supposed to be really great. So, after much poking and prodding, AMJ has decided to do a list as well. But we want YOU to tell us who you thought really stood out this year. Here’s your chance to give your band/your boyfriend’s band/your neighbor’s band/ your sound guy an award for being just plain awesome.

If you need any help figuring out which albums were released this year, check out We’ll take submissions via until Dec. 28th with the winners revealed Dec. 30th! And now for the categories! Remember, it’s ALL LOCAL. Support your scene! WOO!

Best Album
Best Music Video
Best Single
Best Live Show
Best Venue
Best Live Moment
Weirdest Moment
Biggest Disappointment
Biggest Surprise


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