What to Get an Athens Music Junkie for Christmas

You all know the type. That one person on your list that seems nearly impossible to buy for. When you ask them for a gift list, all they do is say “Whatever you get will be fine, thanks!”. But we here at AthensMusicJunkie have come up with a list of Athens music items that you can buy your own music junkie for Christmas.

For the Georgia Theatre Fan…
Why not an awesome BAND TOGETHER bracelet? That way, the money you spend goes toward rebuilding their favorite venue and they get a snazzy accessory out of the deal too!

Or if you are REALLY loaded, give directly towards the Theatre in your junkie’s honor. That way, he’ll have his name connected to the Theatre for a long, long, long, time.

For the R.E.M. fan…
Well, hopefully they already have a subscription to the official fan club but if not, it’s $10 a year and that includes the awesomeness that is the REMFANCLUB CHRISTMAS PACKAGE! Oh, and you get discounts on online merch, newsletters, and sometimes stickers!

If you’re the more visual type, why not get your loved one a nice photo of the band? David Belisle has a number of prints from “REM HELLO” right here. Our buddy Oyvind Svele has some great pics of Mr. Stipe.

For the Widespread Panic fan… 
Why not a snuggly throw? With a snowflake? Right here.

Or maybe relive the day Athens went nuts and allowed some 100,000 people to roam the streets for a show.

For the General Athens fan…
Know someone who’s been dying to get to Athens but just hasn’t made it there yet? Why not give ’em a little taste of the town with the GRIT Cookbook.

Or howsabout a really nifty Athfest shirt?

Or perhaps a subscription to Flagpole? Yes, we have subscriptions.

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