Don’t Forget To Nominate!

HEY YOU GUYS! It’s that time of year again when we all break out our top 10 lists and such but this year, we figured that it’d be nice to hear from you what you thought was awesome about Athens in 2010. Seriously. We’ve gotten about 20 different emails from people telling us what they liked but we’d really like to know! So here’s your chance to pass kudos on to the local greats that made this year awesome! Categories below. Tell us your faves either by commenting or emailing

And to start you off, we’ll reveal Jordan’s choice for Album of the Year….

Best Album Lemonland by The Humms
Best Music Video –
Best Single 
Best Live Show –
Best Venue –
Best Live Moment –
Weirdest Moment 
Biggest Disappointment 
Biggest Surprise –

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