The Required BEST OF 2010 List

Firstly, congrats to Nina B. for guessing the day the B-52s first played Athens! Secondly, here are a few of the responses we got when we asked for your BEST OF 2010 lists. At least, these were the most filled out.

Abandoned Couches Picks:
Best Album
 – Gray Waves, Twin Tigers 
Best Music Video – Can’t say I’ve seen any
Best Single – Luxury & Light, The Gold Party
Best Live Show – (tie) Arctic Monkeys and The Hold Steady, both at the 40 Watt (though locally the band Powers is amazing)
Best Venue – 40 Watt 
Best Live Moment – During Popfest when Mission of Burma broke into Academy Fight Song. I thought I was going to cry.
Weirdest Moment – The night of the last A.Armada show at Caledonia. The band, usually so together, was fractured beyond repair. The drum set was constantly falling apart, and the band just looked pissed off, It was uncomfortable. When the show was over, you knew they would never play together again.
Biggest Disappointment – Broken Bells at 40 Watt. Technically perfect but boring as hell
Biggest Surprise – A blast from the past and a new band. Engineering at AthFest was wonderful, such noisy, fuzzed out pop songs. And Misfortune500, who won my heart with a goth cover of Springsteen’s Dancing in the Dark.

The Now Anonymous One Picks:
Best Album     Kuroma “Paris” EP
Best Music Video     Of Montreal “Coquette, Coquette”   
Best Single 
The District Attorneys “Splittsville”
Best Live Show  Futurebirds 3-D Rodeo at the 40 Watt
Best Venue     40 Watt Club
Best Live Moment     Reptar covering Cee Lo’s “Fuck You” at the 40 Watt
Weirdest Moment     Spotting a less than healthy looking Kirsten Dunst backstage at the 40 Watt during Jenny and Johnny.  (She dates the drummer)
Biggest Disappointment     The Whigs “In The Dark”  (I had overly high expectations)
Biggest Surprise     David Barbe heading up the UGA Music Business Program

And finally, The AthensMusicJunkie picks:

Best Album    The Humms “Lemonland”
Best Music Video       Of Montreal “Famine Affair”
Best Single  Reptar “Houseboat Babies”
Best Live Show  The Vic Shows at 40 Watt
Best Venue     Caledonia Lounge
Best Live Moment     The Surprise Glands show at Flicker
Weirdest Moment     All the lights and lazers at Flash to Bang Time’s Athfest show
Biggest Disappointment     The Whigs “In the Dark” Just not what I was expecting
Biggest Surprise     Bruce Burch leaving UGA and David Barbe taking over

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