Happy New Year!

Heh. See what we did there?

Well guys, we’ve made it through another year. Ye olde 2010 is now past and we’re embarking on new and exciting adventures in the year 2011. It was a far less sad than the year previous but we had our fair share of bumps, bruises and scars.

But it’s been a good year. I know we here at AthensMusicJunkie certainly had a lot of major life changes but we’ve survived, no more deranged than we already were. And we want to thank you, from the bottom of our Athens music hearts, for all of your love, support, and feedback this year. Our resolution for 2011: Be even more epically awesome than ever before. Hold on to your assorted articles of clothing! It’s going to be great!

See ya on the other side! 2011 For the Win!

The Staff and Other Loons at

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