Athens Business Rocks

Just in case you didn’t know..

Yeah, so it’s not that uncommon for the guy you’re watching onstage to have served you lunch earlier in the day but it’s pretty cool when that guy’s fry cook, boss, and dishwasher play along side him. Or maybe that nerd in the corner cubicle is harboring a secret desire to be a rockstar. Sure would be nice if that office assistant down the hall with dreams of drumming could help. Well, wait no longer! Here’s your chance to get in on something the entire company will be buzzing about for days! Athens Business Rocks!

Yup. Live out your dreams by playing three cover songs with your coworkers under a hilarious or thoughtful name. Play your favorite songs. Play your most hated songs. Play something insane. Take last years bands Iron Richie and Lionel Maiden. One would play Lionel Richie songs in the style of Iron Maiden. The other would do the exact opposite. As weird as that sounds, it worked pretty well.

The rules and registration for the event can be found here.  Round one is Feb. 2nd, two is Feb. 3rd, and three is Feb. 4th. The grand finale featuring the winning band from each night will be Feb. 19th. All of the shows will be at the fabulous 40 Watt Club.All proceeds from the shows benefit Nuci’s Space.
For more information on Athens Business Rocks, make sure to check out their website.

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