Collapse Into Snow

The trek to Downtown Athens. My tauntuan froze.

It is incredibly snowy out there. The entire town is shut down. Very few cars on the road. I’m sure some of y’all from outside Georgia are having a laugh but 5 inches of snow here can cripple everything. So what better to do than romp around outside in the snow then stay inside and listen to some music?

I’m really digging “Oh My Heart.” It’s my favorite of the songs released so far.

Love the horns. To me, it’s an extension of “Houston” but done in a more Automatic for the People way.

For any of you who got stuck at work today, I give you this from the Drive By Truckers

Damn. Hits far too close to home for a lot of people.

As for a mashup, these two are perfect.

So, what are you doing this snow day?

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