Hey! Look! Hey! Listen! Look!

If only he had ended it then, we would’ve been spared…

Ah, the Legend of Zelda. I cannot express how much I love this game series. I am a total video game nerd (psst, the cake is a lie) but nothing can compare to the majesty of Zelda. So when I heard that UGA was staging a musical version of Ocarina of Time, I kinda nerded out a bit.

The show was written by a UGA pre-med student and is the first UGA musical written, directed, and performed entirely by students. The shows are FREE but donations will go towards the next production. I want to see Metal Gear Solid next. Imagine the dancing boxes!

From the official Facebook page:
“Zelda the Musical is a thrilling tale that is loosely based off of the video game Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The main character, Link, is thrown into a whirlwind adventure where it becomes his destiny to save all of Hyrule kingdom from the evil sorcerer Ganon. Throughout his journey Link is met with many puzzles, challenges, and strange characters that will either help or hurt him along the way. Will he be able to be the hero Hyrule needs?”

Zoras and Gorons and Dekus! Oh my! Will we see Epona, Link’s loyal steed? What of Impa and her town? Phantom Gannon? The crazy mask salesman? Who knows! Turn up Friday or Saturday for a musical romp through Hyrule and planes unknown.

Zelda Twitter

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