What Constitutes "Athens Music"?

A while back I posted about the Legend of Zelda musical that some UGA students were staging. I was wondering if I “could” post the announcement since it was so different than what we normally talk about here. Usually, AMJ doesn’t get into the theatre/orchestra areas of Athens. Yes, it’s a shame and yes, we’re working on it.

Anyway, the thought finally struck me that of course “Zelda the Musical” was Athens music. Just as much as anything Pylon or Panic or anyone local has released. Sure, it’s not a traditional four-piece experimental/post-punk/indie pop band like nearly everything else in town, but it was created by UGA students for the masses and I think that counts.

Truly, Athens is a talented town. When you’ve got this many over-educated, underemployed young/middle-aged kids with stars in their eyes, you’re bound to have something wonderful happen. I sometimes feel, though, that there’s this barrier between UGA and Athens. As the campus expands and offers more and more to the students, the less they seem to depend on the town itself.

I often wonder about the effect that moving the art school to East Campus is having. As most of y’all know, in the 80s it was almost required to have a member of your band either in art school or having just recently dropped out. There was collaboration. And still is. But I wonder sometimes. UGA’s got some amazing musical talent. Take a glance at the precision of the Redcoat Marching Band. Or listen to one of their many chorus groups. Hell, there’s a kid in Brumby right now brushing up on his guitar skills.

But how many of us stay away from campus because it’s campus? And how many students stay away from downtown because they just don’t need it (other than a few obvious drunken fratties)? I don’t know. Yet I wonder.

When you get down to it, if it came from Athens, it’s Athens music. Be it the new R.E.M. or the Bulldawg Brass Society. Some of it sucks. Some of it rocks. But it’s all important. Cause it’s Athens.


  1. Agreed 100%!

    Although, if it's a guy brushing up his guitar skills in Brumby, I'd say he likely has some ulterior motives as well… 🙂

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